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Capsugel is a global leader in delivering high-quality, innovative dosage forms and solutions to its customers in the health care industry. The company’s Hard Capsule business offers customers the broadest portfolio of gelatin, vegetarian, and other specialized capsule technologies. Capsugel’s Dosage Form Solutions (DFS) business utilizes an array of proprietary technologies and specialized manufacturing capabilities to solve customers’ most pressing product development challenges, including bioavailability enhancement, modified release and specialized applications. The company’s fast-to-clinic program streamlines product development from pre-formulation through clinical and commercial supply for finished dosage forms.

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nutrineo – the health food unit of Uelzena, offers private label solutions for sports nutrition, weight management and contract processing of health food products. Drawing on its development expertise, state-of-the-art production and packaging, scientific findings, market insights and professional networking skills, nutrineo offers all services needed for tailor-made products such as powders and ready-to-drink solutions. Added to that, nutrineo supports its customers with trend-relevant ideas and concepts for innovative sports nutrition and weight management products.

The Uelzena Group with its head office in Uelzen and several subsidiaries in Germany and in the EU generates a turnover of 529m Euro and has more than 693 employees. Uelzena is a leading European company for customized product solutions and ingredients for the food processing and food ingredients industry.

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Bioiberica S.A.U

Bioiberica is a biotechnology company specializing in the research, production and distribution of biomolecules such us Chondroitin sulphate, Glucosamine, Heparin and Hyaluronic Acid.
Since 1975, Bioiberica has consolidated its position as an international leader in joint health and chondroprotection thanks to a constant dedication and commitment to science and research. Vertically integrated, from the active ingredient to the finished product, Bioiberica places all its medical, molecular and market knowledge at its partners’ disposal for the joint development of the market.

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OptiMSM®: a highly pure, multi-functional, researched ingredient for Healthy Aging.

For more than 25 years, OptiMSM® has set the quality standard for MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) for the support of healthy joints, skin, sports nutrition, and more.

Both consumers and formulators value this branded ingredient for its consistent purity, quality, and effectiveness. Research suggests OptiMSM® improves joint health and mobility, reduces inflammation, supports immune and respiratory functions, reduces muscle pain and soreness, and supports the structural integrity of the skin. All this makes OptiMSM® a safe and effective ingredient that provides multiple healthy-aging benefits and easily utilized as a stand alone or combined with other actives.

The ingredient is easy to formulate and can be used not only in tablets and capsules but also in other innovative applications such sachets, RTM and RTD products.

Manufactured exclusively in the U.S., OptiMSM® is the result of a  proprietary multi-stage distillation process that guarantees an ultra-pure product.

OptiMSM® is exclusively distributed in Europe by Gee Lawson, Nutritional Division of LEHVOSS UK.

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Veri-te™ Resveratrol

Veri-te™ resveratrol is produced naturally from an innovative yeast fermentation process which delivers a consistent, contaminant-free, high-quality ingredient. Resveratrol’s role as a powerful healthy-aging ingredient, is backed by almost 10,000 published scientific studies. These studies have shown that resveratrol can support many parts of the body that decline as we age, including our bones, brain, heart and skin. Veri-te™ resveratrol easily formulates into a variety of applications such as supplements, food, beverages, cosmetics, personal care products, pharmaceuticals and pet food.

Evolva was founded in 2004 and today has operations worldwide. Based on a strong research foundation, Evolva is a pioneer and global leader in sustainable, fermentation based products.  Evolva has an expert team of scientists and marketers to assist in formulations and product positioning.

Visit www.veriteresveratrol.com for additional information and to request a free sample.


Cosucra has been processing natural ingredients since 1852. But we are not just a supplier. We partner with our customers, providing market expertise, extensive clinical research, and experience in regulatory affairs to help them improve existing products and develop new ones. Partnerships with more than 400 food manufacturers and more than 1,000 product references worldwide demonstrate that Cosucra works alongside clients from idea to launch and from seed to food.
Our product range :
• Fibruline® range – Chicory inulin
• Fibrulose® range – Chicory oligofructose
• Pisane® range – Pea protein isolate
• Swelite® range – Pea fibre
• Exafine® range – Pea hull fibre
• Nastar® range – Pea native starch

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Atlantia Food Clinical Trials Ltd

Atlantia Food Clinical Trials Ltd is a world class dynamic company providing clinical studies expertise for the food, beverage and supplements sector. We conduct studies in functional ingredients, nutraceuticals, and dietary supplements.
We work with scientists and medics across a variety of partner institutions and provide our clients with options based on their clinical research, regulatory or validation needs.
We have capability right across the spectrum of functional food and beverage categories, such as dairy, probiotic, proteins, vitamins/minerals and beverage. We have extensive expertise, in the areas of- digestive health, sports performance, healthy ageing, nutrient uptake, mental health (stress, cognition), cardiovascular, bone and immune health. We have a database of over 10,000 subjects.

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