Rob Winwood

Proprietor, Winwood Bioscience

Dr Rob Winwood CSci FIFST , recent past Vice-Chair of CRN UK opened his new consultancy Winwood Bioscience on Wednesday July 1st 2020. Rob retired from the Nutrition Science Advocacy Division of DSM Nutritional Products in June 2020. Prior to that, he has worked for Tunnel Avebe Starches, Kelco International, Windsor Foods/Merops Nutrition, ADM and Martek Bioscience. He chaired the global trade association “Biopolymer” for 4 years and served for more than 10 years on the science committee of GOED (4 years as chair). Rob has written more than 30 scientific articles and was co-author of the book “The British Food Manufacturing Industry”. Rob has appeared on National UK and Chinese television, including on Channel 4’s “Food Unwrapped”. He has been in high demand as a scientific speaker at conferences and public events more than two decades.


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