Malnutrition in older adults; Food and supplemental approaches to ward off nutritional gaps

01:00pm CET (Paris)

Nutritional issues and increased risk of malnutrition, including obesity, are linked to a host of health conditions.

This is especially the case in older adults, where sudden weight loss and loss of muscle mass and strength, are hallmarks of a diet lacking in essential nutrients.

In this presentation, Max Gowland discusses the dietary recommendations best suited to older adults and the challenges they face in sticking to the regimen as they face changes in taste and smell, loss of appetite, dental and chewing problems, and limitations in mobility amongst others.

Speakers: Max Gowland / Will Chu

Ingredients for Healthy Aging

01:45pm CET (Paris)

Aging presents new challenges for us all. Declining immune function, increased susceptibility to infections, and loss of muscle mass are common problems that have the potential to be addressed through diet and supplementation. In this presentation, Mark Rhode will demonstrate how probiotics, protein and human milk oligosaccharides can support these issues and help keep us healthy as we age.

Speaker: Mark Rohde

A review of clinical studies in elderly populations

02:30pm CET (Paris)

In 2018, people aged 65 years or over worldwide, outnumbered children under age five for the first time in history. By 2050, an estimated of 1.5 billion people will be aged 65 or older. The healthy ageing industry is expected to become highly competitive and profitable.

In functional food industries, differentiation is key. The first step of which is to prove the health benefits potentially associated with products. Human clinical studies are considered the gold standard method for the scientific substantiation of claims by the main health institutions and a powerful marketing and sales tool. However, there are some challenges and considerations when designing and conducting clinical trials involving elderly participants.

Join us to unveil the secrets of human clinical studies within an ageing population.

Speakers: Barry SkillingtonEmily Goodbody

Senior consumer needs – gearing products and marketing for the ‘young at heart’

03:15pm CET (Paris)

Now, with the global population getting older and an increasing number of over 50s in every country, the concept of healthy ageing has never been so important.

In this panel discussion, we’ll explore how to develop products and target them towards people who have additional nutritional needs but do not identify with the label “elderly” or “old people”.

We’ll also discuss industry’s role in addressing these needs, as firms look to address the more mature consumer in a world where the marketing message treasures youth and vitality.

Speakers: Patrick Coppens / Peter Wennström / Will Chu