Keynote: Healthy ageing in a post-COVID world
10am GMT (London) | 11am CET (Paris)

This session will discuss how consumers’ mindsets have been shaped and their health concerns have changed in response to the global pandemic. With key areas of increasing concern including immunity and cognitive health, this session will discuss what sorts of products and services consumers are turning to in their aim to stay in optimum health. Hughes will also discuss the rising interest in preventative health methods which has led to ‘healthy ageing’ becoming a concern for a younger demographic of consumers. As the pandemic creates a recessionary environment this also creates several challenges impacting better-for-you lifestyles and Hughes will explain how this will change purchasing and exercising behaviours.

Speaker: Mike HUGHES
Moderator: Nikki HANCOCKS

Healthy ageing and the brain-gut-microbiota axis
11am GMT (London) | 12pm CET (Paris)

Research on the relationship between cognitive conditions and the human microbiota is quite lucrative, and relatively new. Namely, the difficulty identifying a cause and effect relationship between the brain-gut-axis, in terms of cognitive decline. However, given the growing number of individuals with conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease across the globe, we see research funding addressing the mentioned relationship increasing.

Join Ted Dinan, Medical Director at Atlantia Clinical Trials on this presentation on the role of the brain-gut-microbiota axis in healthy ageing.

Speaker: Ted DINAN

Nutritional solutions for an evolving life
12pm GMT (London) | 1pm CET (Paris)

The entire world’s population is ageing, but that trend is most prevalent and accelerating fastest here in Asia, also the largest market with products specifically positioned to their ageing population.
Many consumers are adapting their lifestyles and their diets to take a proactive and holistic approach to staying well in their older years. Their evolving needs are already having a profound effect on the food, drink and nutraceutical industries. This too will quicken in the coming years. We explore the growing demand, and latest nutritional solutions, for the diverse physical and mental aspects of healthy ageing, notably maintaining mobility and gut health – increasingly recognised as a cornerstone of overall health and wellbeing.

Speaker: Marieke SCHOEMAKER, PhD

Unlocking the secrets of healthy ageing
12pm GMT (London) | 1pm CET (Paris)

The metabolic processes of ageing are currently being identified and unraveled. To date there are thought to be nine mechanisms: four genomic, three cellular and two tissue dysfunctions. The end result is characterized by a loss of lean body mass, function and pain. Whilst we await fully elucidated genomic interventions we will discuss a number of simple practical approaches that improve function and capacity as we age.
Discuss how Lonza’s UC-II® undenatured type II collagen ingredient can address function and mobility concerns related to healthy ageing.

Speakers: Dr Adam CAREY, BSc, MA, MB, BChir, MRCOG, NTCC / Renato COSTA, MSc., MBA / Stéphane VOUCHE, M.Sc.

Growing request for protein in the healthy ageing market
12:45pm GMT (London) | 1:45pm CET (Paris)

Nowadays, population is getting older, in 2050 2 billion of the global population will be more than 60 years (WHO). To support healthy ageing, many products are launched in senior nutrition. Most of them contain proteins. For example: 42% of senior products launched in 2019-2020 contain more than 10% protein (Mintel). The geriatric nutrition, with a lot of high protein high caloric products, is also a huge market with one third of the value of sales in clinical nutrition. In the same times, seniors do not want to be categorized and want indulgent products as their counterpart.

Faced with these challenges, Ingredia offers solutions to meet targeted nutritional needs and technical support during your product development with our range of nutritional milk proteins PRODIET®.

Speakers: Elsa TROTIER / Wenqian SUN

Enabling well-being while ageing
12:45pm GMT (London) | 1:45pm CET (Paris)

Offering the best nutritional ingredient solutions to meet specific needs at each stage of life

Often, ageing has been associated with a decrease in physical and cognitive abilities.
50+ consumers are looking for solutions to hold back time and continue to enjoy their favorite activities.
There are many factors to age in good health. Improving diet is one of the top priorities for older consumers.
In this webinar, we will talk about the healthy ageing market, strategies for healthy ageing through nutrition, and innovative food concepts adapted to ageing populations.
At Roquette, we offer plant-based nutritional solutions to enable the well-being of the body and mind while ageing. In this webinar, we will talk about:

  • the healthy ageing market,
  • the strategies for healthy ageing through nutrition,
  • and innovative food concepts adapted to ageing populations.


Pomegranate and olive extracts for healthy ageing and well-being
1:30pm GMT (London) | 2:30pm CET (Paris)

The Mediterranean diet, characterised by high intake of phenolics-rich fruits, vegetables, and olive oil, provides proven healthy ageing and well-being benefits. Polyphenols play a major role in these diverse protective effects on the complex ageing process. In-vitro and in-vivo studies suggest polyphenols from olives and pomegranates protect cells from senescence by modulating inflammation and oxidative stress while supporting endothelial functions, in addition to other biological activities. Recently, researchers investigated effects of pomegranate and olive extracts produced by Euromed on cardiovascular, metabolic, cognitive and cosmetic applications. The results will be shown and discussed.

Speakers: Andrea ZANGARA / Stefanie SPECHT / Roger MARINE CASADO / Emad AL-DYJAILI, PhD

Keynote: Does nutrition have a role in delaying the onset of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in otherwise healthy, older individuals?
2:15pm GMT (London) | 3:15pm CET (Paris)

• Just like most of our other organs, the brain is increasingly liable to malfunction with age. The speed of mental processing slows down and short term memory recall becomes worse.
• This extremely common condition his termed clinically as Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCi) and often occurs in otherwise healthy older individuals.
• Whilst MCI in its milder forms is little more than a minor inconvenience, it is known to be a precursor of range of more serious degenerative brain diseases e.g. Alzheimer’s Disease.
• There is emerging evidence that the onset of MCI can be delayed by “healthy living” i.e. primarily good nutrition and exercise.
• This presentation will examine what is known about the efficacy of specific nutrients, individually and in combination, in relation to delaying the onset of MCI. It will also consider if they could have a role as an a adjuncts in a more traditional pharmacological approach.

Speaker: Rob WINWOOD, PhD, CSci, FIFST
Moderator: Will CHU