Emad Al-Dujaili, PhD

Professor in Clinical and Medical Biochemistry, Queen’s Medical Research Institute, University of Edinburgh

He currently works at the Centre for Cardiovascular Science, The University of Edinburgh as an Honorary Professor. He is involved in several research projects and consultancy at other Universities on Nutrition, Polyphenols and Health in addition to hormone estimation by immunoassay techniques. His current projects are ‘Plant polyphenols and Antioxidants in the prevention of NCD, Measurement of Steroid hormones in biological fluids, Physiology and pathophysiology of the Stress response and HPA axis and Psychobehavioural Endocrinology. Among his qualifications: B.Sc. Honours (Pharmaceutical Sciences), MSc in Steroid hormones analysis, Ph.D. Clinical Biochemistry (Endocrine) from Dept. of Clinical Medicine, St. Bartholomew`s Hospital Medical School, University of London. He has taken various posts in Academia and Industry in the UK and abroad.


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